CAA Leaders' Legal Guide

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The legal framework that governs both public and nonprofit Community Action Agencies (CAAs) as recipients of federal grant funds is vast. This Guide attempts to give leaders of CAAs – the board and the executive management – an overview of some of the legal requirements that they will work with on a regular basis. The guide covers topics such as the federal grant life cycle; the legal authority underlying federal grants; the federal Community Service Block Grant Act; federal financial management requirements; and tax rules specific to nonprofit CAAs operating as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.

Throughout the Guide we reference Community Action resources as well as other resources that CAAs may refer to for additional information about the topics discussed.

This guide is intended to equip CAA leaders with the following:

  • Information needed to make more informed decisions;
  • Ability to recognize instances when additional information is needed; and
  • Capacity to work more effectively with outside attorneys.


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