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New Resource All a-Board! The Purpose, People, and Process of CAA Boards

Free Video Series!

Introducing CAPLAW’s new video series, All a-Board! The Purpose, People, and Process of CAA Boards. CAPLAW developed these 8-10 minute animated shorts to boost the capacity of community action agency (CAA) boards to recruit, engage, and fulfill their responsibilities. Whether you’re a new CAA board member eager to orient yourself to the work of community action, an existing board member looking for clarity on your role and responsibilities, or a board chair planning to facilitate a training at the next board meeting, the All a-Board! series can serve as a starting point or a refresher.

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Join our video series focus group! We want your help to produce additional board training videos. Sign up here by Ocotber 31 to join. Share one of more of the videos with your board and get their comments. Participants will be contacted with a detailed feedback survey to be submitted by December 31.