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Let’s Talk About Changes to the Uniform Guidance

Join us for a discussion of key, potential changes on the horizon to the rules that govern the administration and use of federal awards. On October 5, 2023, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published proposed revisions to the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance). If implemented, the revisions could result in a number of impactful changes, including increasing the de minimis rate for indirect cost recovery from 10% to 15%; removing certain prior written approval requirements; clarifying when recipients and subrecipients may notify OMB of disputes with regard to a Federal agency's acceptance of a federally negotiated indirect cost rate; and more. We will share our analysis of the proposed changes and our understanding of their potential implications for federal grant recipients and subrecipients. We’d also like to hear your thoughts, especially with respect to any feedback you think is important to share with OMB. Register Now.

Being Direct: Shared Cost Recovery through Direct Cost Allocation Webinar

In September 2023, CAPLAW and Kay Sohl Consulting developed and released Being Direct: Shared Cost Recovery through Direct Cost Allocation, a resource that explores how CAAs can use direct cost allocation to recover costs that benefit multiple funding awards. Now CAPLAW and financial expert Kay Sohl are hosting a webinar to present the resource and discuss the issues it covers, including factors CAAs should weigh when deciding whether to fully recover costs using direct cost allocation principles; how to recover costs using a cost allocation plan; and allowable and unallowable cost allocation methods. Please join us for this important discussion.


Nonprofits and Artificial Intelligence: Important Legal Considerations Amid Ongoing Developments

Many nonprofit leaders are seeking ways to harness the new tools brought about by generative artificial intelligence (AI) functionality. Before leaping into the brave new world of generative AI, however, careful consideration should be given to the potential legal, contractual, and regulatory complications that business uses of AI can present. Can professionals ensure accuracy when using AI tools? What should a nonprofit do (or not do) to maintain control over its valuable data and content? How should staff and volunteers be instructed to manage privacy risks? Join our webinar to hear our panelists address these concerns and other best practices for nonprofits to thoughtfully embrace this evolving technology.


A.J. Zottola, Partner, Intellectual Property Transactions, Venable LLP

Channing Gatewood, Associate, Intellectual Property Transactions, Venable LLP

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