CAPLAW Legal Updates

CAPLAW’s legal updates and enews bulletins contain timely information on the legal and financial topics important to the Community Action network.

February 29, 2024
Employee Retention Credit Update: Opportunities for Withdrawal and Disclosure • Upcoming Federal Changes to Employee Classification and Potential Impacts on Community Action Agencies • A New Joint Employer Rule Could Lead to Greater Involvement by CAAs in Union-Related Activities, If It Survives

December 5, 2022
New Head Start Guidance on Reporting Child Health and Safety Incidents • DAB Lessons Learned: Know Your Budgetary Boundaries • DAB Clarifies Pass-Through Entity Obligations • Updates on the Head Start Vaccine and Mask Mandates

May 25, 2022
SNAP Categorical Eligibility for Head Start  •  CSBG and Head Start Rules and Voter Outreach Activities  • Head Start COLA Increases  •  Supplemental Weatherization Funding Guidance

March 28, 2022
Topics: 200% FPL Eligibility for CSBG • Affordable Connectivity Program • New Proposed Public Charge Rule • EHS Services for Pregnant Individuals • Phishing Scams and Copyright Takedown Notices

January 27, 2022
OHS Pauses Full Enrollment Initiative • Head Start Final Rule on DRS Flexibilities in Certain Emergencies • Ensuring Equal Access to CAA Programs • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Guidance • Form 990 Data on IRS Exempt Organization Website

December 14, 2021
Topics: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes • LIHEAP and WAP Guidance DAB Decision Upholds Cost Disallowance • No Surprises Act • Strategies for Preventing Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement

June 10, 2021
Topics: Head Start Health Premiums • Public Charge Rule Rescinded • Action Against Ransomware Attacks • Head Start Duration Requirements

May 7, 2021
Topics: Payroll Tax Credit Guidance • COBRA Premium Assistance • Head Start COVID-19 Flexibilities • Head Start Supplemental Funds • CDC Eviction Moratorium Update • OCS/CDC Vaccine Webinar

April 6, 2021
Topics: Treasury ERA FAQ and Award Terms Updates • OCS Vaccination Guidance • New COBRA Subsidies • CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended • OCS Monitoring Guidance • PPP Extended

February 16, 2021
Topics: Winds of Change Blow for WAP • EO on Diversity and Inclusion Training RESCINDED • Personnel Policy Update

December 30, 2020
Topics: COVID Relief and Consolidated Appropriations Act in Effect • EEOC Issues Vaccination Guidance for Employers • ACF Issues Rule on Head Start DRS During Emergencies

December 17, 2020
Topics: OMB Releases FAQ on Prohibited Telecommunications Equipment • Update on Executive Order 13950 • Update on Public Charge Rule

December 13, 2019
Topics: Applying for Supplemental CSBG and Head Start Disaster Relief Funding • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Bonus Season? Managing Disallowance Risk in Incentive Compensation Policies and Practices • Head Start Guidance on New FASB Lease Accounting Rules • Head Start Simplifies Accounting Procedure • AICPA Hosting Services Interpretation • Stafe Safe – It’s Time to Renew Your Digital Millennium Copyright Act Designated Agents • Protect Your CAA’s Reputation – Planning for Toxic Online Reviews

August 15, 2019
Topics: Head Start Proposes Changes to DRS Recompetition Rule • New Title X Rules Take Effect Now • Revised Form EE0-1 Due September 30, 2019 • Is Your Head in the Cloud? Contemplating Cloud Computing for CAAs • Immigration Check-Up: Is Your CAA I-9 Compliant? • (Almost) All Nonprofits Soon Required to E-File Form 990

May 7, 2019
Topics: DOL Clarifies When Employers Must Designate FMLA Leave • On the Radar: Three Proposed DOL Fair Labor Standards Act Rules • Asian Law Caucus Releases Guidance on the 2020 Census • Head Start Proposes Eliminating New Duration Requirement • Flexibility for Head Start Grantees in Disaster-Affected Areas

August 8, 2018
Topics: Newly Increased Procurement Thresholds in the Uniform Guidance • The Time is Now to Implement the Uniform Guidance’s Procurement Rules • Wage & Hour Update for CAAs Working with Interns & Volunteers • Employers Take Note:New NLRB Guidance on Workplace Rules and Employee Handbooks • Office of Head Start Issues Program Instruction on Enrollment • Think Before You Solicit: Does Your State Require Registration Before Asking for Contributions?

June 5, 2018
Topics: Act Now – Notarized Letter Required to Update Registration • Tax Reform Update – New IRS Guidance on Transportation Fringe Benefits • Working With Employees Experiencing Cognitive Decline • Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Managing Requests for Standing Desks • New Guidance and Tools on Head Start Facilities • CAPLAW’s FASB Financial Webinar Series

March 27, 2018
Topics: Guns at Work • New FASB Accounting Standards • OCS Guidance on Use of CSBG Funds in Major Disasters • Telework & Pregnancy • DOE WAP Advance Payment Rules • #MeToo: Nonprofit Investigations & Board Oversight

February 8, 2018
Topics: Top Tax Reform Implications for CAAs • #MeToo in the Workplace: Preventing and Responding to Harassment • 10 Data Security Tips to Protect Your CAA • 2019 Head Start Duration Requirements Waived • OHS Update on Reporting Health and Safety Incidents • Head Start Stakeholders Comment on Designation Renewal System

September 25, 2017
Topics: Employers Must Use New Form I-9 • Revised EEO-1 Report Rescinded • Accommodating the Use of Medical Marijuana • Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

March 29, 2017
Topics: Congress Expands Federal Whistleblower Protections • CAPLAW Highlights Changes to Head Start Performance Standards • IRS Resources on the 403(b) Universal Availability Requirement • EEOC Guidance for Employees with Mental Health Conditions • Fiduciary Rule Delayed

December 21, 2016
Topics: New Form 1-9 • ACA Deadline Extended • ACA Marketplace Notices • What the Election Means for CAAs • Congressional Review Act and its Impact • EEOC’s New Guidance on Retaliation • CAPLAW’s CSBG Annual Report Comments

August 24, 2016
Topics: Election-Year Refresher • DOL Fiduciary Rule Impact on Retirement Plans • Guidance on Leave as an Accomodation • Assessing Organizational Impact • Understanding Nonprofit Dashboards

February 18, 2016
Topics: ACA Filing Deadlines Approaching • AmeriCorps Members Not Employees for ACA Purposes • Employers Cautioned Against Discipline Over Social Media Use • Tax Law Updates • DAB Decisions

October 13, 2015
Topics: Uniform Guidance Update • New ACA Forms and Guidance • New Head Start Guidance • Using CSBG Funds for ACA Referrals

September 17, 2015
Topics: Proposed Faith-Based Partnership Regulations • Overview of Guidance for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships • EEOC Pilots System to Notify Employers by Email • Ways to Assess Organizational Impact

August 4, 2015
Topics: HHS Proposes Comprehensive Revision and Reorganization of Head Start Program Performance Standards • Proposed FLSA Regs Expand Eligibility for Overtime Pay • On the Horizon: Sexual Orientation as a Basis for Discrimination • Avoiding Liability for Website Content Posted by Third Parties

June 30, 2015
Topics: HHS Proposes Revised Head Start Program Performance Standards • Highlights of the Head Start Eligibility Determination Final Rule • OCS Guidance on Using CSBG Funds as a Match for AmeriCorps • Full Recognition for Same-Sex Spouses • Practical NLRB Guidance Regarding Personnel Policies • The U.S. Supreme Court Sends a Cautionary Message About Dress Codes • When a Picture is Worth More than 1,000 Words… More Like $1,000, Yikes!

March 23, 2015
Topics: Comments Due on CSBG Modified Model State Plan • New Real Property Reporting Form for Head Start Grantees • Take Note: Further Protections for Employee Email Use • Additional Guidance for CAAs on Serving Diverse Populations

October 23, 2014
Topics: Super Circular FAQ • Head Start Monitoring • Manage Ebola at Work • DAB Upholds Major Disallowance • Head Start Audit Compliance Guidance

September 4, 2014
Topics: Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination • Head Start Bus Transportation and Safety Guidance • Accessible and User-Friendly Financial Resources • IRS Draft Instructions for ACA Employer Mandate Forms

July 2, 2014
Topics: CSBG Funds as a Match • New Tax-Exempt Application • Raise in Minimum Wage? • Head Start Enrollment Guidance • Head Start Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

February 25, 2014
Topics: ACA Final Regulations • Head Start Funding Increase • Third Round of Head Start Competition • New IRS Form

December 18, 2013
Topics: New FSA “Use It or Lose It” Option and Cafeteria Plan Clarification • Revised Head Start 5-year Grant Requirements and Guidance • Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement

September 30, 2013, Special on Government Shutdown
Topic: Further Clarification on Likely U.S. Government Shutdown

September 27, 2013
Topics: Government Shutdown • Health Insurance Deadline • CSBG FAQs

July 12, 2013
Topics: Health Care Reform Delayed • Employers Prevail on Important Title VII Cases • Federal Award Identification Numbers Assigned

June 13, 2013
Topics: CAPLAW’s Comments on OMB Proposed Revisions to Circulas • Ease the Woes of FMLA Intermittent Leave • Protecting Your Retirement Plan • Head Start Lawsuit Ends

May 23, 2013
Topics: Comment on Proposed OMB Super Circular • Revised Form I-9 • New EEOC Guidance • IRS Tax Credit for Hiring Veterans • Implications of Belt Tightening Measures

February 7, 2013
Topics: OMB Proposed Revisions • Head Start Recompetition • FMLA Updates • Hatch Act Restrictions • Whistleblower Protections