Template Meeting Minutes and Index of Form Resolutions


Community action agency (CAA) boards perform vital governance and oversight functions for their organizations. Nowhere is this more evident than at board meetings, where board members hear reports, deliberate, and make decisions that guide organizational efforts. Meetings are the main venue where board members fulfill their fiduciary duties of care and loyalty to the organization. The duty of care is a legal obligation to act diligently in service of the organization, to be informed about the issues that impact the board’s oversight of the organization, and to actively participate in discussions and decision-making. The duty of loyalty requires that when engaged in board business, members place the interests of the organization above their own personal interests.

CAPLAW created this resource to help CAA board members and the staff who work with them create effective board meeting minutes and board resolutions. CAAs are encouraged to download and customize the template and applicable resolutions included in the Index to reflect the ways they operate and decisions their boards make.

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