Weatherproofing CAA Bylaws

Attorney Network Webinar


As we have seen recently, unexpected emergencies can pose governance challenges for organizations, especially with respect to bylaws compliance. During the pandemic, CAAs, like many organizations, relied on counsel to help them navigate a number of bylaws provisions relating to meetings, board member selection, actions, and more so that vital governance and operational functions could continue.

CAPLAW has enlisted Eleanor Evans, of Hemenway & Barnes LLP, to co-present this webinar focused on the unique bylaws issues faced by CAAs during the pandemic. During the webinar we discuss how attorneys can assist CAAs in reviewing, interpreting, and, when necessary, updating their bylaws. We also reference and discuss key issues and considerations included in CAPLAW’s new emergency bylaws resource, Weatherproofing CAA Bylaws: Preparing for Emergency Governance, and draw upon Attorney Evans’ extensive experience counseling CAAs and other nonprofit organizations about these issues.

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