Weatherproofing CAA Bylaws

Preparing for Emergency Governance


The COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges for CAAs that impacted existing governance structures and practices. Due to widespread restrictions on gathering, many boards were unable to meet in person or had to postpone regular meetings. For a significant number of CAAs, the pandemic emphasized the need for and benefit of flexible bylaws that contemplate emergency situations.

CAPLAW created this resource in response to the pandemic and the resulting challenges that confronted CAAs and their boards related to compliance with organizational bylaws. While it has been informed by lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the suggested bylaws language and actions to consider can help CAAs prepare their bylaws for future emergencies and avoid the significant problems that result from failing to comply with the rules that govern the organization.

CAPLAW recently enlisted Eleanor Evans, of Hemenway & Barnes LLP, to co-present a webinar focused on the unique bylaws issues faced by CAAs during the pandemic.

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