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Changing Needs and Expectations for CFOs in Community Action

Strategic Issues Facing CAAs Webinar Series


What does it take to be truly effective as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Community Action? The answer for most CAAs goes way beyond the basics–an excellent knowledge of accounting principles, OMB Circular requirements, and specific funding source compliance issues. Today’s CFO must also be an outstanding communicator and a true strategic partner for the Executive Director. Effective CFOs provide tools to help managers test the financial impact of new strategies and monitor progress toward key financial goals. Increasingly, CFOs are cash management experts–dealing with daunting challenges when state reimbursements slow down or contracts are delayed. Many CFOs wear multiple hats, managing IT, HR, and facilities functions as well as core accounting and financial reporting. Learn how experienced CFOs are finding the time required to shift their focus to new demands by streamlining accounting functions, and how new CFOs are getting the support they need to be effective in the complex world of Community Action.

Presented on: May 14, 2014
Presented by: Kay Sohl, Kay Sohl Consulting

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