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FQHC Opportunities: Designation to Collaboration

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Reductions in funding and reimbursement have made it increasingly challenging for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) to furnish critical outpatient health care services to their high need and often medically underserved communities. For many CAAs, structuring certain health care lines of business to operate as a federally qualified health center (FQHC), or otherwise affiliating with an FQHC, can be an effective strategy to achieve financial stability, reach new patient populations, and expand access to a broader scope of services. In addition, FQHC status can leverage other associated benefits, including but not limited to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement in accordance with the prospective payment system. It is critical that CAAs understand the core FQHC requirements before implementing an FQHC strategy. This 90-minute webinar provides useful guidance for CAAs regarding the spectrum of FQHC opportunities, with a focus on the process and mandates to achieve direct designation.

Presented on: September 25, 2020
Presented by: Ted Waters and Carrie Riley, Feldsman Tucker Leifer Fidell

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